Moving our daughter back to her country has been a big deal for us.  When God was calling us to move to Addis Ababa Ethiopia in the beginning there wasn’t a doubt in our mind that we must obey.  Then people started talking and saying crazy things like “oh my what if someone kidnaps her” speaking of her biological mom.  Well to be honest we had never thought about that. But once the seed is planted then it begins to grow.  My family and I have this ALL-OUT relationship with the LORD and the enemy would love to destroy it.

From the beginning the thought was how cool would it be for our daughter to grow up knowing who Senke was and knowing all of her story.  We had pictures of Kalkidan and Senke before Trent brought her home to be a part of our family.  We wanted Senke to be able to see her before she left.  When we would go to Ethiopia to visit we would take Senke pictures of Kalkidan and Gavin so that she could see how well she was doing.  See I grew up being adopted having no connection to my biological family so I was always searching for something to fulfill me. Unfortunately I chose many paths that lead to destruction.  I wanted to be able to give my daughter something I wasn’t given, peace in knowing who she is and where she came from and complete confidence in who GOD created her to be.

Before moving we had many conversations with our daughter and even spent 2 months last summer in Addis Ababa Ethiopia to make sure that HE had prepared Kiki her for this journey.  Kiki did great the 2 months and was excited to move.  Her and I talked about Senke being in the same city and even in the same ministry that we would be in.  Kalkidan was good and really has no emotional attachment because she knows who she is, she knows that this was Gods plan for her and she is confident with her family.  Before leaving I told her there will probably be many conversations that take place where she feels weird or doesn’t know what to say to the question. And when this happens to pull me aside and say MOMMY CAN WE TALK FOR A MINUTE.?

The time came within a few days of being in Ethiopia where she came up to me and said those exact words…mommy can we talk for a minute.  We discussed a question she was asked about Senke being her mom.  I asked her what did she say and she said she didn’t know how to answer.  I said well answer it from your heart.  She said “But you’re my mommy” I grabbed her and hugged her and said well that is what you say next time you are asked.

A few days later I decided we needed to go see Senke.  I didn’t want the enemy to have any way in this part of my family’s life. So we tackled it head on.  When we went to Tseffa’s house (one of our girls home where Senke is a house leader) the emotions were running high. SO many of the girls were so excited to see Kalkidan because they were in a girls home with her before she went to the orphanage. When I saw Senke I gave her big hugs and a kiss and told her that we loved her.  She was filled with so much JOY to have us there. As I was walking up the steps to the house behind Kiki I looked back to see the most precious look on Senkes’ face. It was a face filled with amazement and fulfillment.

We spent the next 4 hours eating lunch, drinking buna, laughing, watching Kiki show off all her gymnastic moves and looking at pictures from when Kiki was a baby.  What a blessed day it was to share with my daughter.  HE went before us and prepared the way for us.

I am so grateful now in life that I went through the things I did growing up so that I can love on my baby girl in a way that she can relate to.  I am grateful for my mommy and the way she loved me even when I was seeking something that was right in front of my face.  I thank GOD that HE has given me the wisdom to LOVE and ENGAGE in my children ALL-OUT!!