Over the past two years we have discussed how can we help more children living in the streets, yet stay relational and intentional in our approach. Our plan to do this is to open another MYM Center across town in the city of Addis Ababa. It will be a place where we have bible teachings, provide two healthy meals, showers, washing their clothes, basic education, play therapy through sports-art -games, counseling, life skill trainings and more. We will help more kids yet keep the numbers small, because we believe in going a mile deep instead of mile wide. After completing the rehabilitation we first try to reintegrate them to their birth families. If that is not possible then we add them to one of our PLF Homes (family base care homes).

We are excited to announce that your generous giving help us reach our $50,000 goal! WOOOO-WHOOOO! Thank you to our gracious donor who offered the 50,000 dollar for dollar matching fund to be a catalysis to open a new day center for children in the streets. And yes thank you to all who gave in order to double your impact and turn 50k into 100k.


2019 is going to be a big year for Make Your Mark.


Even Further

With the number of children living on the streets growing year by year, MYM has created a new five-year strategic plan to attack this issue. Our deep desire is to help more children/youth come out of street life. To do this and maintain our deep intentional approach, we cannot just bring more children into our one center. What MYM provides that is uniquely different than other NGO’s is the love and relationship that our whole program is centered around. All the children who come through the program say that the close relationships that they have with staff is what helped them change. Therefore we plan to open more restore centers all over Addis Ababa that serves different age and gender groups in order to stay small, relational and effective in our approach. Each center will follow the MYM model as mentioned earlier with unique additions based on the center’s focus group (i.e. girls, boys, young moms, etc…).