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make your mark



“A world where every child has the opportunity to grow in a loving family environment”

Our goal is that each child would experience restoration to a life of purpose in which they can become fulfilled and mature followers of Christ; which will empower them to overcome life’s challenges & impact their world.


Mission Statement

“With the LOVE of Christ, we reach out to vulnerable children and families to Meet Basic and Eternal Needs”

Make Your Mark is an international Christian non-profit that is dedicated to defending the poor, the orphans and vulnerable children. We exist to love, serve and build orphans and impoverished children/families, by meeting their physical, spiritual, educational, social and emotional needs that they may overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty.


Three Driving Principles

At Make Your Mark we have three principles that drive everything we do: 

Love, Serve, Build

All of our approach, efforts and work flow out from the heartbeat of these three. We believe that the most core basic need of everyone in this life, is LOVE! Love is the very foundation of where we start. Our ministry formula is rather simple:

Love - God & People

Serve - Jesus & Others

Build - Lives & God's Kingdom




 Make Your Mark (MYM) strives to reach out to the forgotten orphans, youth and families of our world. We help meet the basic and eternal needs of those living in poverty. We aim to break the cycles of this tragic issue by pointing them towards Jesus Christ and providing the resources needed to help them be successful in life. Most of them have big dreams and we want to help make those dreams come true. We provide a holistic approach to see children and families succeed in the areas of education, physical and spiritual health, emotional stability and self-sustainability. 

 We believe God relentlessly pursues the orphans, the poor, the oppressed and He chooses to use His people to accomplish this pursuit. Therefore we know that it is the power of unity within our staff, volunteers and supporters that facilitates a powerful movement to reconcile and heal the broken. We have people on the ground to be the front line sources of hope to the ones God gives us. Our staff is fueled by the deep desires to see each child and family come into a full redemptive life and carry out their God giving missions.


"We will rescue the poor when they cry out; we will help the oppressed, who have no one to defend them."

Psalms 72:12


THe Story, The Heart, The Purpose of MYM

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Over the past two years we have discussed how can we help more children living in the streets, yet stay relational and intentional in our approach. Our plan to do this is to open another MYM Center across town in the city of Addis Ababa. It will be a place where we have bible teachings, provide two healthy meals, showers, washing their clothes, basic education, play therapy through sports-art -games, counseling, life skill trainings and more. We will help more kids yet keep the numbers small, because we believe in going a mile deep instead of mile wide. After completing the rehabilitation we first try to reintegrate them to their birth families. If that is not possible then we add them to one of our PLF Homes (family base care homes).

We are excited to announce that your generous giving help us reach our $50,000 goal! WOOOO-WHOOOO! Thank you to our gracious donor who offered the 50,000 dollar for dollar matching fund to be a catalysis to open a new day center for children in the streets. And yes thank you to all who gave in order to double your impact and turn 50k into 100k.

50k Guage

You Doubled Your Impact and Helped Us Turn 50k into 100k! Thank You


2019 is going to be a big year for Make Your Mark.


Even Further

After prayer, researching and need assessments; we want to open another branch outside the city. We are in the process of turning in a proposal to ask the government for land outside the city. Once this land is obtained we are planning to build a large rehab/training facility for the older children living in the streets. (15 to 20 years old). There would be loving staff, fast track foundational education, technical trainings, basic life skill trainings and more. The goal would be that once the youth leaves he would have all the needed tools to live a sustainable life. Think of it like this: They come in a boy and leave a man. This project could initially cost $500,000+  to started up. We trust that as we get closer to this project, that you will be a part of this amazing opportunity of changing the lives of many young men.

Make Your Mark 180 Center

Make Your Mark 180 Center