God has burdened our hearts to a overwhelming need and this is the prayerful strategic plan of attack.  MYM Ethiopia is specifically geared toward kids living on the streets and bringing awareness to the need for domestic adoption / orphan care and empowering the poorest of the poor families to care for their children.



 This is a safe place where children from the streets can bathe, wash their clothes, eat healthy lunch, get biblical teaching, basic education, games,  counseling with play therapy and minor medical issue they may have.  We take a holistic approach in assisting each child to move towards a new life. Those who show consistent desire to come off the streets by their daily efforts; we then invite them to the next step:


The best place for any child is to live and grow with their birth families. Reintegration is what we hope & work towards. This is the main goal for each child. In order to have success in reintegration we must take our time to ensure that the child is ready to return and the family is prepared and ready to receive the child. 


PLF Homes- Family Based Care 

The homes are for the ones we’ve evaluated and can not return home for various reasons.  Our purpose and goals in the homes will be to teach them how a family functions. The homes are small in number 4-5 boys, as we want to create as close to a family environment as possible. We teach them responsibility, they begin to going to school, they have house chores, they play in the neighborhood; for our goal is to have them prepared for their future family.  There is a need for house sponsorship the cost is around$525 a month. For more info email us: info@mymministries.org


Empowering Ethiopians to Care for Orphans

We do this through our annual Orphan Summits where Ethiopian leaders, pastors and families come to learn about how they can be the solution for the orphans in Ethiopia. In collaboration with the DEBO Alliance, (a network MYM helped start), over the last four years we had three Summits with 450 attendees at each one. There is a heavy emphasis on local/domestic adoption and foster care at the summits. MYM also provides small workshops throughout the year to the local church hoping for orphan care to be a mainstream teaching in the church.       For more info on the DEBO Alliance: deboalliance.org



Our street kid prevention plan is coming alongside the poorest of the poor families to provide the needed resources to keep their children at home and not in the streets. At first we build relationship by providing some food assistance and full educational needs for the child. Our long term goal for each family is provide specific training to the parents in order to generate more income, in turn becoming self-sustaining. We also provide family consul and teach God-centered family values to strengthen the family’s core.



MYM founders Trent and Carmen Post are playing one of the most important roles in the lives of nine Ethiopian children, MOM and DAD. They teach, disciple, grow and show their kids what a loving family environment looks like. While they say going from a family of four to a family of thirteen in a matter of a year and half has been a challenging experience, they wouldn’t trade it for the world.