DSC_0106 When you accept to follow HIM where HE leads you most of the time it is into places you would have never chosen for yourself. And once you get there you would never go back to life the way it was before. Although it seems so glamorous and glitzy because of the life HE has chosen us to live; we agree there is no other time that we feel as intimate with our FATHER than when we say YES to HIS plan. Well today it was hard, we had a scary day and that’s just all I can say.

Our latest addition is Abraham. He has been the most challenging yet. He comes straight from being on the streets for 6 years since he was around 5 years old. Today was a good day we went and passed out some pillowcase dresses that some ladies had made to a few girls in the ministry. We laughed and were having a great time UNTIL……..

It can happen at any given moment in this kid’s life. He doesn't like to be told no. Sounds like someone else I know. When I was his age I ran away from my home for the first time and continued this pattern until I was a young adult. Anytime my mom said something I didn't like I would run and do what I wanted to. Freedom was always calling my name just as the streets call my new son.

It was a silly comment one of our girls made to him about him needing to wash his clothes because she had already washed them before. We are trying to teach him responsibility around here. I guess her words were harsh and it turned into an hour of chaos.

In our hearts we know that he really doesn't want to be on the streets he just doesn't know any different or how to work through things without leaving. He went and layered his clothes to go on the streets so he could sale them of course when he needed some food or to get high from huffing. We immediately began to undress him and tell him he wasn't going to the streets with all the clothes on. If he wanted to go he could go with nothing.

After about 30 minutes of trying to reason with him we asked him to go sit up in the tree house and think about it all and that we were not going to let him leave. At this point he just had on some shorts. We threw him a shirt up because we knew his little 50 pound self was getting cold in the shade.

He began to react like that of some type of animal up in the tree house as we all watched from below. He ripped his shirt I was just thinking he was doing it out of anger but his next move would show otherwise. He ripped a long skinny piece of his shirt off and began to say that he wanted to die. He climbed up in the tree and tied the piece of material around the tree then his neck. Frantically I grabbed a piece of the remaining limbs that the tree house had been made of trying to break the string.

Trent knowing that it was just a skinny piece of t-shirt material wasn't freaking out like the rest. I can remember him saying it’s just a piece of t-shirt it will rip and he will fall as soon as he tries it. In my mind and heart I couldn't watch no more. I screamed and screamed for Trent to get up there and get him. This little boy that God has brought into our family is so much like myself when I was his age. Wanting to die, feeling as if I didn't matter. Just as the enemy lied to me he was lying to my newest son. We had to stop this.

As I continued to try to get this cloth that was around my sons neck and the tree broken with a long pole like limb Trent quickly climbs up into the tree house and grabs Abraham by the waste. He  then unties the cloth from around the tree. With the remainder of the cloth tied around his neck Trent grabs him down and unties it from around his neck.

Belay and I climbed up in the tree house joining Trent trying to calm this precious boy down. We sat him down, he was scared to death and bawling. We sat there holding him and speaking bold truth into his life. We told him that what he was doing came from the evil one. The enemy wants Abraham dead, the enemy wants Abraham back on the streets. We told him over and over again that we loved him and are willing to fight for his life.

What happened next was the most beautiful part of the day. As he said he wanted change to take place in his life but there was something that takes place each time he wants to run that is not him. We were able to share the gospel with him and tell him about JESUS. We told Abraham that he couldn't bring this change into his own life but only Christ could. We prayed with Abraham today and he realized he needs Jesus to help him.

Sometimes when we realize our need for Christ in our lives it’s at the darkest and scariest time in our lives. He gets us to where we are weeping out loud not knowing what to do next. We are at the bottom of the bottom and there HE is waiting. And as soon as we realize we need him and say the words he sweeps us up and holds us forever.

This journey for Abraham has been quite that to say the least and I am sure it will get harder before it gets easier. Please pray for our boy as we fight for his life. Praising HIM who has already died for his life!!

Our promise to you Abraham: 2 Peter 1:12-14  So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have.  I think it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live in the tent of this body,  because I know that I will soon put it aside, as our Lord Jesus Christ has made clear to me.