It's funny how when you use the word counseling people get all freaked out. Most everyone who knows Trent and I can expect us to be real with our lives. This may cause people to freak out a little in the beginning but it is to encourage others to be real to advance the Kingdom here on earth.

Recently we felt we needed to fluff the word counseling and say that we are going to marriage enhancement. But wait we aren't the fluff type didn't you receive the memo. Why should I have to change a word so others want judge me and think they know more than they do. You fluff your pillow to make it comfortable. Wait life isn't always comfortable. You fluff laundry to get the wrinkles out of your clothes so they look perfect and yet again we all have wrinkled lives. Some of us with tiny little wrinkles that no one would ever notice and some of us with big oh dents that scream "I need to be fixed". Us as women will fluff our hair to make it fuller to make us feel like we have more hair than we actually do. And you may enjoy fluffy pancakes because you like everything to be bigger and better than just a good oh flat flap jack. When you fluff things you want to change them and make them different than they really are.

While yes I want to make my marriage better I never want to fluff my words to make it seem any different than it really is. Trent and I have been living in Ethiopia for a year and a half and it has been hard. So we are going to be proactive in our marriage and do something about it. We talk about our problems and what we can do to make it better. And yes we even say it out loud and let others know that we are shhhhhh we're going to counseling.

People get scared to be real with people because of what people might think of them if they really knew who they were. But here is the problem with that, when you pretend to be something your not you will always stay where you are and that is Lost.

We are all people and all deal with the same kind of struggles. No you may not live in Ethiopia and you may not have added 9 kids to your family in the past year BUT if you are married you are having some type of struggle and If you are not great but get ready because you will. The enemy wants to destroy marriages do not think that you are not on his list. Enjoy the season of peace you are in yet do not be blindsided when struggles come. Be ready to talk openly and real about it and yes get counseling or if you need to fluff it get some of the mostAMAZING ENHANCEMENT available.

YES we are going to counseling and NO we are not getting divorced just actually the opposite. We are fighting for our marriage so that when we return to the battlefield we will be more equipped and prepared to take a stance and protect what HE has given us, EACH OTHER!